7 Sep 2013

Experience Diving In Exotic Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a cluster of more than 500 islands, perhaps among the most striking and secluded destinations on the planet. Apart of India, this cluster of islands is geographically closer to Thailand which features some of the finest beaches in Asia. There is always a mystifying air linked with Andaman due to its obscure culture, indigenous tribes, mangrove creeks, cool blue waters and legends from mythology that assert that this is the land of Hanuman. As for adventure and water sports fanatics, one can find some of the world’s finest dive spots in this group of islands.

Diving Sites in Andaman
Even as the blue waters of the ocean are sufficient to ease an aching eye, for those who wish to go a level deeper, the charisma of underwater life is a vast inducement to take the fall.
Some of the popular dive sites in Andaman are-

Havelock Island
It is the most renowned diving location in the peninsula. The island I situated at a distance of 50 km from Port Blair and a short ferry ride will take you to the island. Some of the trendy diving sites in Havelock are Mac point and Minerva Ledge.

Campbell Shoal
It is known to have the finest hard coral formations in the Andaman and acts host to mantra rays, white tip reef sharks, coral trout and sting rays.

Pilot Reef
It is located at a distance of 38 km from Port Blair and is abode to huge formations of hard coral.

Turtle Bay
If you are a beginner, you can regard this place as an easy dive spot. It as a pleasing dive which is not more than 14 meters.

It is a huge dive spot which is favourable for night divers.

Seduction Point
The spot is named so because it really seduces you with its extensive range of marine life.
The names of other diving spots celebrated among tourists are Barracuda city, Aquarium, the Wall, Cinque Islands, Corruption Rock, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Fish Rock.

Diving Courses
Some people treat diving as a holiday activity or fun, but lot of divers take it sincerely. During your trip to Andaman, there are various courses by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI, from which you can choose.
Located at Havelock Island, Barefoot Scuba is a prominent PADI diving resort that pulls divers from across the globe. You can choose from the wide range of courses offered over here.
Dive India is another famous centre that runs PADI certification courses. This place to offers a wide range of course to choose from.

Ideal time for Diving
The perfect time to visit the Andaman is from December to April and the ideal time to plan for your scuba diving is from February to March, as the visibility is superb and there is almost no wind at this time of the year.

Diving Necessities
Do not touch the reefs or marine life unreasonably. Also, do not feed human food to fish.
Make sure that you do not drop anchor on corals.
Do not dirty the aquatic world.

Improvise on your diving technique as it is favourable for you as well as corals. Make sure that your equipments are fastened firmly.
Do not touch or move anything underwater just for perfect pictures, it may be harmful for marine creatures.

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