27 Oct 2013

Amazing Andaman

Located near the Bay of Bengal, an accumulation of numbers of unexplored island, beauty of nature and an address for a marine life all word would sound not so affluent to describe an essence of Andaman.

Surrounded by a beauty of coast and along beaches, this union territory of India virtually nestled at the southern halves of India.

If we look back to its history and archeological evidence defines it is as old as its undefined and rich history, a series of invasion and a migration has led to a birth of an beautiful amalgamation of an island, which we today call it a beauty of Andaman.

Some of the best locations around Andaman are long island, cellular jail, Mahatma Gandhi marine national park, Anthropological Museum and many others has its residence at the coast of beautiful Andaman.

Sightseeing here means a show of nature, where a nature sneaks in from a veil of beauty and the sun chumps from a wonders of blue and in between a beauty of Andaman and its ever historic and ever gigantic beaches settles with a wave of encroachment.

Long island, amongst the most beautiful and pristine amongst all, long island is a perfect spot for a traveler to invest their time exploring a beauty of Andaman, renowned for its sovereign wonder it is a gem of Andaman treasure.

Fleet of dolphins around a beauty of this pristine island is a major beauty that attracts people from around the globe, while they sit at the shores of a beach a convoy of dolphin wobbles up from the depth and gargle a beauty of marine before they sneak down.

Lalaji bay, a sandy beach though but a beauty here is not compromised, lining at the shores of bay, it seems to be a most prolific beauty around the coast of Long Island.

Cellular Jail, as the history speaks from the wall of this antique jail, people gathers to witness a past and hears a cry of freedom fighters; many kissed a death while rest has its agony in the wall of undying Cellular jail.

As the history says, during a reign of colonials, Andaman was a place for a convict, and the strong concrete and its standing still stands like before and speaks a time that went by.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, filled with an exotic of a marine life, a museum reflects a wildlife factors of Andaman, people here comes in numbers to see a variety of nautical life. It is established in an open sea and along with a vigilance one would get a chance to dive under water or snorkel to see a beauty of lagoon and a ravine of relief underwater.

Anthropological Museum, reflecting a rich history and culture of a pristine Andaman, a museum is a must visit to witness a beauty of their existence and their survival as the unique collection and an antique piece like utensils, art and craft, sculptures, clothes, artifacts and others history telling beauty are waiting at the other side.

As the beauty fades with the time but cannot fade its time, such is a class here, pay a visit and allure a beauty of Andaman.

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