29 Dec 2013

Advent to Charismatic Andaman with these Useful Travel Tips and Don’ts

Nestled in a tranquil and a stunning setting of Bay of Bengal with a close nearness to Thailand, the south eastern island of Indian subcontinent has been alluring tourists from across the globe to its vicinity with its magnetic attractions and charismatic appeal. The Andaman Islands are with no doubt the most extravagant islands in the entire sphere.

These islands have tremendously low misdeed rate but as it is covered with 86% of forests and with people residing in just 38 islands out of 528 islands, any visitor travelling to these islands should take premature precautions and wellbeing measures. The venomous snakes in the rain forests, crocodiles and other perilous animals can harm you thus ending your vacation/holiday in grief. No incident has occurred till now but don’t walk or swim carelessly who know you might be the first one.

So, here I present to you with some of the useful tips that you can follow while or before venturing to the gorgeous islands in Andaman.

Useful Travel Tips:

1. Carry all your documents with you including passport, VISA, license and other proper documents along with duplicate and e-copies which may be required in case of any lost/theft.

2. Ensure to visit during the months of February to May and avoid the rainy seasons as you are likely to get in a dangerous situation at that time. December to February (winter) is another ideal time for visiting Andaman.

3. Consult a tour operator for a magical and memorable trip, all the places in the islands are not secluded and inhabited.

4. Your backpack to Andaman must include sun cream, sun shades, anti allergic cream, toiletries, sun hats, umbrellas/raincoat, scarves and comfortable footwear along with light cotton clothing for day trip and woollen clothing for night as the climate varies from time to time.

5. The stunning beaches carries hidden dangers in the form of strong current waves called rips, so don’t swim while you are drunk or if you are an amateur.

6.Beware of sharks and crocodile around southern Andaman especially in Havelock Islands, don’t swim while in night.

7. Carry a torch and don’t walk alone during nights in forest bare-footed, snake can be very poisonous.

8. Trekking in wild area and beach camping should be carried out with trained guide with plenty of weather gear, insect repellent, maps and many more. Listen to your guide very carefully.

9. Always keep in contact to the Andaman Tourism Government and report immediately to them if anything happens.


a. Do not cross the threshold in any of the confidential tribal areas.

b. Do not take picture of anyplace or anything which says ‘photography is prohibited’ and video/film without permit.

c. Do not litter and pollute in any of the places, it is strictly prohibited in these islands.

d.Nakedness in public places and beaches is prohibited, respect their culture and don’t interfere with it.

e. Do not collect any properties from any place without prior permission.

f. Do not indulge in bonfire or enter any national parks without permission.

Spend your vacation happily and bring home some outstanding memories to cherish and poise until and unless you visit it again.

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